Sunday, May 22, 2011

WHAT a Very Busy Week-end, AGAIN!!!

 After an early morning photo shoot today (pics will be on my photography blog soon) I stopped by to see if we were going to make it to church or not.....decided to play hooky today :>(  after several busy busy weeks, we just thought a lazy laid back kind of day was better. We decided an early morning bike ride was something fun to do. At 8:30 a.m. it was starting to warm up!!!!

 The kiddos loved the bike ride, even little guy--I mean big guy liked it, slept all the way home!!!
 We rode to one of our fav places to ride to and get some breakfast!!!When we pulled up there were several other bikes with kiddo trailer's attached so we weren't the only ones with this idea!!!
 Yummy Pancakes!!!
 Stopped at the park for a minute or two, it was getting hot, so she didn't even cry when it was time to go!!
 I came home, took a little Nap, and decided to make my cobbler today!!!!
 Real Butter always taste best!!

 It was my first attempt at cobbler and it was Delicious!!!!Loved every bite!!!
then we played Disney Yahtzee!!!!So fun!!!
I Photographed my FIRST WEDDING yesterday!!!!I am not planning on becoming a wedding Photographer, but one of my high school friend's Son got married and she asked, I told her No at first and she asked again and I said yes!!!I was Soooo Nervous!!!What if I mess it up!!!
Glad that first is over with!!!


Corie said...

Another fun and busy weekend indeed! That bike ride kicked my booty, Will was amazed that I rode his cruiser and biked that far! My legs and bum are burnin' now...this is my new workout, well that and chasing kiddos!:) Can't wait to see your wedding pics, you are getting really good on photoshop. Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!
ps. Oh and that cobbler was amazing!!!

just call me jo said...

I need to get photography tips from you, lovely lady. I'll check out your photo blog too. Love your relaxing day. That cobbler looks more than delicious. Thanks for your sweet comments. You're one of my favorite people in this bloggy world. Have a nice week.

Buttercup said...

I'm going to have to do a lot of running when I get to Arizona. Y'all are really on the go. Jamie, the cobbler looks great.