Friday, June 24, 2011

Barcelona, Spain

 We stopped at this Bakery first thing. The warm fresh pastries were so good. The Coffee will take us awhile to get use too, Americano coffee is  not available everywhere, mostly it is Expresso and Cappucinos.
 Big Red is with us today on this walking tour of the city, well some walking, some taxi cab rides!!!These water fountains are quite common not just in Spain but all over Europe. People get drinks from them all the time.
 One of the Many narrow walking streets. Or bicycles.
 I am pretty sure this is the Telephone company building, mostly I am showing you this so you can see how spectacular the buildings all look there.
 One of the Many fountains we spotted. The Best one is located at the Art Museum, I so wanted to see it at night, apparently it is a nightly water and light show and from what I heard it is quite amazing.
 This is the HAPPENING street in Barcelona, La Rambla is a series of several short streets, Rambla is Spanish for water flow. Mostly it was filled with tourists like us looking for souvenirs and a tapas (small meal)bar.
 Not just in Barcelona but all over Europe, you will see Lots of motorbikes and bicycles parked all along all the streets. Gasoline was around 1.50 a liter, that equals out to be around 6.00 per gallon.
 A small tire store we walked by. Hubby had to peek in!!!
One of the many well maintained and beautiful streets. 
 One word -Gaudi!!!The city of Barcelona is filled with works of that man. The architecture he designed is so identifiable that even I a first time visitor to Barcelona could identify. I studied Fodor's book on Spain for several hours prior to coming and that Name Gaudi repeatedly came up, see it all is what the book actually said, walk around wander this great city and allow it to penetrate your pores!!! We tried!!
This building is called CASA BATLLO, it was originally built in 1877 and restored in 1904.
La Pedrera is one of Gaudi's main residential buildings. It looks more like a sculpture then a building.
 La Manzana de la Discordia designed by Domenech Montaner   has a neo-Gothic look. The building looks more like a middle ages Castle then a modern building in Barcelona.
 Two square red brick towers greet you at the end of the plaza at the avenue to the Palau Nacionel. The towers were made based on St. Mark's bell tower in Venice, Italy.
 The Palau Nacional is home to the  Museum Nacional d' Art de Catalunya. Construction began  in 1926,and was  finished 3 years later. Sitting atop Montjuic, it  is the mountain of Museums.

 Montjuic Castle has dominated this city since 1640. This Castle was primarily used to repress the people of this city.
 This tower was built as a communication tower for the 1992 Olympic Games.
 The Olympic Stadium, who can forget the opening games and the lighting of the Olympic torch????It was lit by archer Antonio Rebollo who shot an arrow lit by the last torch runner into  it. One of the biggest thrills for our family was the Dream Team Basketball team, players included Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan just to name a few. And Germany competed under One flag the first time since 1964.
 Can't go down on the field, just a few nights earlier Barcelona beat Manchester United in a Big Soccer match!!
 You can take a scenic ride on a Funicular from the mountains to the sea. Sadly we did not have time to do this. Although I think I might have been afraid to do this!!!
 the platform half way across.

The Marina in downtown Barcelona.
We really enjoyed walking around and seeing the sights of this City. I do think it was the least English speaking city we visited though. So for us that was tough.


xinex said...

How wonderful to see BArcelona again even in pictures. Thanks for sharing your beautiful vacation. We have been there but had an unpleasant experience. My hubby got pick pocketed at the Ramblas but we still enjoyed the beautiful buildings esp. the Sagrada Familia Church.....Christine

JENNIFER, said...

Hi Jamie! That's a long layover in chicago but I'm guessing you both were really excited to start your trip, so it didn't seem as long. I like the little pony that miss c made for you to take with, that's a great idea!! :o) as for the pasteries all I can say is yum!!! Spain looks wonderful with all the buildings and art, the tiny was the shopping? did you see many shops with unique items that were made from the area? I think my favorite part of spain was the marina!! I can't wait for more of your trip. Have a beautiful weekend! Hugs, Jennifer

Corie said...

The olympic sights would have been cool to see! LOVE the architecture of Europe, but I now see why people say it is dirty and old. I am so used to pretty new buildings, but history is amazing!!! I hope with 3 weeks in Europe you took notes....but you always remember details. You are smart like that!:)