Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cannes, France

 Since we did not have to be downstairs for our Tour til 8 a.m. we decided to eat at the buffet!!!I love eating in there and sitting by one of the large windows looking out at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.
 I love the early mornings on the ship, not to many people out and about first thing, so I had a chance to swing while Mr. used the little boys room, better to use the ship toilet then one of the public water closets!!Some of those leave me just holding it!!!
 Today our Port was in Cannes, France, and we ALL know what Cannes is famous for!!!The Film Festival!!!Grasse, France is WHERE ALL perfumes are made. Nice is a town we drove through today too. And the Cote d Azur is Coast of Blue, and it sure was today since it was not raining!!!
 The Cannes Marina
 This is the famous Cannes Film Festival building, it had just wrapped up about a week ago and the RED CARPET was still out when we drove by!!!Wish I could have Walked on it!!!The movie "Tree of Life" took the coveted Palme d'Or  for top honor this year.
 This is the Fondation Lenval hospital in Nice, France; it is the hospital Angelina Jolie had her twins at.
If I ever return to The Cote d' Azur, I want to stay here!!!Prices considering it is right across the street from the Sea are not to bad, around 175.00 Euros!!!   On to Monaco!!!                                                                                          


nancygrayce said...

I always learn something new on your blog. I had no idea all perfumes were made there! Of course, I don't wear perfume and haven't for years (allergies) so I don't think much about that. Beautiful!!! What a trip!

Julie said...

Jamie! What an amazing trip! I've been catching up on all your posts. There's so many to catch up on, I'm too excited to see the next one to comment on the current one. Absolutely stunning scenery. One day I want to go to Europe, just to soak in the architecture. And the Mediterranean Coast, Gorgeous. Love to do a cruise there someday.