Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Circus is in town!!

 What a GREAT time we had at the Circus with our Great friends!!!The kids LOVED every single minute of it!!!

 Glad we got there early and got to go down on the floor of the 3 ring Circus!!

 Loved that we sang The Star Spangled Banner!!Loved this Patriotic Elephant!!!
 The Ring leader, I remember back in the 90's when I delivered flowers, I had the opportunity to deliver flowers to Gunther Gable Williams, a very famous Ring Leader for Barnum and Bailey. Also so Very Happy we went to the Circus Museum and Mansion in Sarasota, Florida. Made this visit seem so special knowing all the facts I learned from that museum trip.
 Had to have Circus Animal cookies!!
 And all the kids loved those!!!

 Miss C loved every single animal.

 the elephants
 The horses and zebras

 this was spectacular!!

 Sitting on the edge of his SEAT!!
 the boys were waiting and waiting for this!!THE TIGERS!!!

 The aerialist were so awesome too!!I think I know where we might go!!
 No circus is complete with out the STRONG MAN or MEN!!!
 And the flying flame Man!!
What a great day out this was!!


Corie said...

What a great day and what awesome seats we had...row 13!! Camdyn LOVED every moment of off to trapeze school we shall go! I am off to join the circus. HA!:)

Liz said...

Oh My goodness! I have never been to the Circus... I should have gone. If you love the Circus you should read Water For Elephants. It was sooooo good! I think you would really like it.

I'll get you registered for the conference! :) It'll be really fun. :)


Deanna said...

Jamie, I love the bright colors and would have enjoyed the action right in front of me. It's been years since I went to a real circus!

Enjoyed this post and especially think the elephant is beautiful all decked out! Right in time for the 4th of july.

Glad you are safely home from vacation. Resting up and on the go.

The kids look so cute.
Have a sweet day,