Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My New USA MAP!!!

 Thanks Aunt Reda for the Barnes and Noble gift card!!She got this Great USA MAP by V-Tech toys with it. And She loves it!!!She already knows where we live, Where all her relatives live and the Best state to go shopping in...New York!!! And Her Mommy and I would Know this as We HAVE Been to New York and did some shopping!!It also teaches them state flowers, landmarks and Animals!!!!

 You got it right!!!
 Big Guy is almost sitting up!!!!When he catches himself with his arm he is good, he is One Strong big boy!!!!
 His Gorgeous still Blue eyes!!!
 His hand!!
And those adorable kissable feet!!!At 4 months, he already weighs nearly 18 pounds!!!!Mama's milk is Really GOOD!!!Dr. says No worries on the weight, since he is only fed by Mom!!!I just wish they didn't grow up so Fast!!!

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Corie said...

Oooh, I LOVE them both so much. They grow too fast. Can't believe how much Camdyn is learning and how BIG my little main man is getting! LOVE them!