Saturday, June 25, 2011

Toulon, France and Off to St. tropez!!!

 Awwww....the Best part of cruising Room Service!!!!This was so awesome, pick a time, and voila it is there!!!We would have had to get up even earlier then 6 a.m. everyday if we would have gone to the buffet to eat breakfast, so this really saved us so much time.
 Our first port is Toulon, France!!!Remember the Bourne Identity movie, remember his character went to Marseille. So it was cool to see towns that our in some of our favorite movies.
 The line at the local Patisserie!!!how cool to line up to get fresh bread every morning!!!Even in the rain!!
 This man is headed back home with his bread, how cute is that!!!
 A building in town.
 A very quiet street this early Sunday Morning!!!
 I spotted this Castle while driving to St. Tropez.
 We arrived in St. Tropez and it is still raining!!!Rained on us most of the day.....bummer!!!
 Walking past the Famous night club in town!!!

 The Marina with ALL those Yachts and boats!!
 This is the place to be seen and to see who is in there!!Being that the Cannes Film Festival had just ended alot of famous people were still in the area!!!!Our tour guide said just a few days before our tour, she spotted Johnny Depp, Steven Spielburg, just to name a few!!!
 Our tour guide taking us through the local fish market.
 Sunday is farmer's market day
 My new addiction, OLIVES!!I never liked Olives before going to Europe, now I crave them!!

 Loved all the vines and the bouganvilla growing on all the walls!!
 The Mediterranean Sea!!!
 Also loved the cobble stone streets

 And I really really liked all the  cafe's, with their alfresco tables. And  their chalk board menu's!!
 The House with the Light Green shutters once belonged to Pablo Picasso.
The house of la Rue des Bouchonniers became Picasso's studio where he drew the famous "Odalisque".It was his mistress Genevieve who inspired this great work of art.
It resembles no other portrait painted by the Master, no torn or distorted face, Genevieve's face appears serene and balanced.
Can a city bring to mind a culinary star rather than a movie star?  In France oui!!! Did you know that St. Tropez also has a culinary claim to fame? It’s the Tarte Tropézienne.The original Tarte Tropezienne shop is on  the Place des Lices in St. Tropez. Micka is not French, but landed in Provençe from Poland after World War II.A movie was being filmed in St. Tropez in 1956 starring Brigitte Bardot, and Alexandre was asked to cater to the movie crew, it is here where everyone fell in love with his creation. It is still a very busy place to this day!!!
  This is where we had dinner, lunch really, but Europeans eat their big meal in the middle of the day and it is called dinner. It is at this  restaurant l'Auberge des Maures that the love affair between Picasso and Genevieve  ended because of a misunderstanding.
This is the oldest and most famous restaurant in St. Tropez, so glad our Tour guide booked reservations for all of us here. It is a wonderful, very authentic, and very beautiful Provencal restaurant.The food and wine were perfect choices. I can no longer say, I do not try new foods, this trip proved I can try new foods and Like them.
 I fell in love with this pretty French restaurant the moment I walked in.
 Poor Chuck allowed me to walk under the umbrella, and he got soaked. I tried sharing it but he is just so tall. Sadly we only packed one umbrella for this trip, after this raining day, we bought another one!!
 Our appetizers were  very good.

 A very cute candy store. I did not go in here to buy anything, but we did go shopping in St. Tropez. Sadly I have relatives who think I only buy magnets when I go on vacation, so I will be specific what I bought and where!!!In St. Tropez, we bought Chuck a belt as I forgot to pack his. I also bought the Soap made famous in France. I also bought Miss C a dress. And I bought some Lilac sachets to put in my drawers.
 We saw this large crowd at the Marina and we asked what was going on and someone mentioned that it belonged to someone famous and the "Paparazzi" were there to snap some pics!!!The Yacht was Amazing to say the least.
The name of the Yacht is "Keep Cool" and I googled it, you can too if you like!!!
What an Amazing day in St. Tropez, even if it did rain most of the day, it was Surreal to be there.


Corie said...

Magnets is all we buy on vacation?! That just shows you how little some people know. Haha! Anyway....LOVE the cobble stone and all the vines on the buildings. Will would be in heaven with all the greenery on the buildings, he loves that look! That candy shop is super cute...and that restaurant looked cute too. You are brave with the food, I would have survived solely on the bread and desserts, but I do love I would have eaten those as well. Glad you like olives now, I need to take you to the Olive Mill now!:)

Deanna said...

Dearest Jamie,
I'm sorry that I have not commented on each vacation post...I am enjoying all of them! Your vacation looks like a dream come true.

It's wonderful that we can see the pictures. I can't imagine what it would be like not having cameras with us while seeing such neat things.

Olives!!! They are wonderful.

Each place is truly neat.

Hope you are getting over jet lag.
God bless,