Thursday, July 14, 2011

OlmpiaPark in Munich!!

 The 1972 Olympics will possible always be known as the Munich Massacre. It was during the games that 8 Palestinian's stormed into the Olympic village where 2 Israeli Athletes who resisted were killed instantly. The other 9 athletes and coaches were then taken by helicopter to the airport in Furstenfeldbruck to be transported by military aircraft.After a botched rescue attempt, the athletes were all killed. The Games in Munich had a motto of "The Happy Games" but sadly this event left a permanent mark on these games. If you have not seen the Movie "Munich" I suggest you watch it.
 The Olympic park was designed by Gunther Behnisch, the design of the stadium was considered revolutionary with sweeping canopies of acrylic glass stabilized by metal  ropes. The park consists of the Main Stadium used for the Opening and closing ceremonies as well as soccer and track and field events, the Olympic Swimming Hall and the Olympic Hall which was used for the track cycling events and other indoor events.

 This tower was built for communication purposes, it now houses a restaurant.
 The olympia hall

 There was a Bon Jovi concert going on tonight, so we could Not go inside the stadium. Darn....our family LOVES the Olympics and I am so glad we  saw where the 92 Barcelona and 72 Munich games were held.
 See the large acrylic glass structures???
 The lake with the paddle swan boats!!
 The Swimming hall, this is  where Mark Spitz won his Olympic setting 7 GOLD medals in swimming!!!I remember that!!!I also sadly recall the massacre. I was in high school during these games so I recall them well. I also remember Olga Korbut winning Gold medals in gymnastics.

 Today it is still a public swimming pool.
 The BMW headquarters are located very near to Olympiapark!!
 BMW hosting a Putting contest to win this $150,000 Euro Car, that is well over $225,000 American dollars!!
 Make it ANJA!!
 Her Dad giving it a try!!
 Ok Stacie, you played golf on your College team, you can do this!!!
 Please honey, you are our last chance!!
 Back on the subway, time for dinner!!!!There subway system is spectacular.
 Time for a real American hamburger!!!Sadly due to all the scares over tomato's and other vegetables, our burgers were mostly plain!!

 NOW on to the Very Famous Hofbrauhaus!!!!It's Octoberfest everyday in here!!!We went in for dessert.
 What a fun packed place!!

 Musical entertainment!!

Apple strudel and cream for me, ice-cream for my hubby!!!
What a Fun day exploring and tasting Munich!!!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Girl is there anything you didn't see in Europe? :) Love it all!

Hoping you encounter only joy and love here.

I have begun a new Wednesday meme linky Wayfaring Wednesday for people to link up there travel posts (past or present). You have enough posts to play along for quite awhile so make sure you join in on the fun.

Blondie's Journal said...

What a fun place to visit...all of you look like you are so enjoying yourselves!

I hope your heat wave ends soon. We are supposed to get into the 90's this weekend. Thank goodness for air conditioning!!


Anonymous said...

What a fun trip! I know you must have all had a great time!! I wish I could have been with you too - and I'm really looking forward to that incredible vacation you are giving me!! You are the best sister, Aunt and friend anyone could ever want!! You have the most incredible family - all 3 of your children are amazing!!! And of course - your two grandbabies are so beautiful!! You and Chuck and so blessed!! Love ya!!!

Char said...

I am wondering if you are ever coming home. Looks like lots of fun to me. Enjoy and be safe, Char

Chatty Crone said...

Wow is about all I can say. I do remember the tragedy in Munich. I was there in 1968 - bet it has changed. Food looks good too.

Mimi said...

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also we now have physical Addresses for these PEOPLE who live such a sad Pathetic life they have nothing better to do then spend HOURS every day on my blog, uploading and copying pics if they send you anything about me...for that I apoligize.