Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome to Munich, Germany!!

 I loved this BIG BMW(BAVARIA MOTOR WORKS) wall!!!BOY, did we see alot of BMW'S!!!!
 First thing I spotted in the airport was a Man in his Lederhosen!!
 Got our rental car and OFF we go!!! ON the German Autobahn!!! Good thing our Daughter Stacie and her friend ANJA met us at the airport, it was more difficult then we expected!!!Chuck cannot wait to drive as Fast as he wants too!!!At this point you had to go 120 kilometers. About 75 MPH
 Arriving at our hotel, notice that MOST taxi's are Mercedes Benz, also a Popular German Car.
 The lobby of the Munich Marriott.
 Anja's parents came to show us around town a little bit. Here is Iffie, Anja, Chuck, Stacie and Hubert.
 Off to the Subway
 It was lightly sprinkling again and a very cool night in Munich.

 The subway station we came out of led us onto  the Odeonsplatz square, one of the focal points of this square is this magnificent Church called the Theatinerkirche. It's construction began in 1663, and took about 100 years to complete. It has an Italian Baroque style and is noted for it's wide open space and the dome and the all white interior except for the Black pulpit. More pics of the inside will be featured later.

 I noticed Alot of Gold buildings while in Munich and Salzburg.
 The inside is so beautiful and King Maximillian the 2nd is buried in one of the chapels inside.

 This is the Feldherrnhalle, a large building with many statues. It was here in 1923 that a confrontation between followers of Hitler's and the state police occurred.

 Alot of Aristocratic families had pet Lions, Anja's family had a pet Lion and has a photograph of her family way back when with a lion on one of her relatives Laps. So after she told me this story, I insisted she climb up there and pet her Lion!!!

 On the other side of the square is the Residenz Palace/Museum. The palace construction began in 1385. It ranks among Europe's top significant museums/palaces of interior decorations.
 The side facing the square
 The side facing the English Garden.
 Walking through the English Garden, this City Park is HUGE!!!!

 The roses and flower lined walk ways were absolutely beautiful.
 The Large three Arched Siegestor was built in 1852 and King Ludwig the 1st ordered it to be built.

 A statue of King Ludwig
 A wall Mural of the King
 Off to dinner at a real German Restaurant!!!!
 It was a lovely place, and I can no longer say, I hate this or that, I learned on this trip, when you are hungry you will eat anything. And I truly enjoyed it all.
 My Sausages and sauerkraut, pour a little German mustard on it and it is quite good!!My German Salad was also quite good, sort of like cole-slaw only a little more sour.
 This was the night for the Opera, and people were waiting to get in, I must say, the people of Munich really know how to dress up. Everyone looked so nice.

At the centre of the city is the Marienplatz,  a large open square. The old and the new town hall is located here. In the tower of the New town hall is the Rathaus-Glockenspiel, the figures perform twice per day.   Three gates of the demolished medieval fortification walls  have survived to this day.

 In this square I probably counted 5 clocks on different towers!!

 I really wanted to go in and buy a dirndl and lederhosen for us so we could re-enact the Griswold's on their European Vacation!!!Shopping on Maximilianstrabe is like shopping on Rodeo Drive. I adored the cute little outfits!!!They are QUITE COSTLY to say the least!!!
The German Flag flying proudly on several buildings, and they should Munich is a Beautiful city and we are so excited to have more days to explore this great place!!!


Deanna said...

Hello Jamie!

Delightful post.
I have a lot of German in my bloodlines...and have only been in the Germany Airport.

Haven't toured Germany before...enjoyed seeing your picures!!!

God bless,

Corie said...

I LOVE those dirndls. Aw, I so want one for Cam. Oh and I SO miss Stacie and Anja! Would have had so much fun with those silly gals!!! Germany looks awesome!

Debbie said...

I loved Marionplatz! That was my favorite square to get gelato and people watch. I also loved the English Gardens! Did you see any nudies? I guess you have to go to the river at daytime to see them. :)

BluBabesCreate said...

Come see a Bastille day post!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

That is so neat Jamie!
I loved the pics, the clocks, just amazing!
And you always look so cute in all of your pics!
We are coming to Phoenix the 9th-16th of August. Just bought our tickets!
Can't wait to get together! Can you e-mail me your phone number when you get a chance?
I will let you know when the baby is born and when we could plan the pics! Maybe when I am there but whatever works for your schedule.
Big Hugs,

Rettabug said...

I want some of those Sausages and sauerkraut! Yum!

What wonderful pictures of such a grand time. I am sooo glad you got to go do this with your family. You both deserved it.

Mega Hugs,

Stacie Gibbs said...

I'm still sad we didn't get to have a dress up party with all the DIRNDL'S!!! Next time though! Love you, I had no much fun with you and Dad there!!! Oh and I'm still waiting for the photo disk ;)