Monday, September 19, 2011

LOOKING BACK....nope fast forward

 THIS was Courtney at her 2nd birthday Party!!!And look at her now!!!!
 Where has the last 12 years gone????She is NOW a freshmen in high school and a Varsity Cheerleader for her high school!!!!We have known Courtney since she was about 1 years old!!!!
She has blossomed and grown into a beautiful young woman inside and Out!!!Courtney was also nominated for Freshmen Homecoming Royalty!!!!

 Mommy nor I got to hold little guy at all, he is so sweet and just doesn't mind anyone holding him at all, he loves everybody!!!

What a fun night we had with Timon and Cori. yep she is Cori too!!Kind of confused Miss C!!!


Corie said...

Aww, LOVE them!!! So good seeing them and Court! Camdyn definitely wants to follow in the footsteps of me and Courtney!

Deanna said...

My goodness time sure does fly!!!
It's neat that you have been able to watch this young lady grow up.

God bless,