Sunday, September 25, 2011

NO is a Complete sentence.......learned this at the Women of Faith Conference

 I had to Leave early and drive in some rush hour traffic to attend this event down town. Parking was not as hard as I thought it was going to be.
 I snapped this pic in case I forgot Where I parked!!!!you never know!!!
 I love our downtown...I know it's not quite as hip as downtown Chicago..not as scary as downtown Los Angeles, nor as fashionable as New York City, but Phoenix is my home town city.....well sort of!!!I live in the Berbs!!!!!!
 I wish I would have gotten a ride on one of the pedi-cabs!!!
 The Praise and worship team were perfect for getting everyone in the right mind set for what we were there to do, and that was to be motivated and inspired about being More Christ like.

 Patsy Claremont was our first speaker and she was So funny and so real.She is the one who said  the quote by Mary Graham, No is a complete sentence, nothing more needs to be said, let someone else be their victim!!!!She also mentioned Proverbs 29 verse 18, and it is says......Fools speak to much and the Wise know when to shut up............
 My group of friends....well I know Liz on the end, the rest are my New friends!!!!!
Liz and I. What a great day it was!!!


Corie said...

SO glad you went to this again! Seems like some a great event, I will have to join you when I am not nursing!:) LOVE your new hair style!!! xo

~Kristen~ said...

Oh wow! I was hearing how great Patsy was ... and guess what? I was with the great Mary Franklin on the other side of the USA at the WOF conference in Charlotte this weekend. And I learned "everyone needs their monkey, and some of your monkeys need to be fired", lol. That was from Dr. Henry Cloud.