Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Party and Baby Shower for twins all in one day!!!

 Jessica and her yearly Bring your own pumpkin Party is Always a Huge hit!!!i forgot to get pics of her garage.....she does the entire place up big!!!!this is her front door!!!
 Grab a bag and fill it with so much, couldn't begin to name it all.

 Love her table display and the food was delicious!!!

 Looks like Miss C got an oreo cookie!!!But that face couldn't be cuter!!!

 Sack race time!!!

 Then off to a baby shower for a friend expecting twin boys...this will give her 4 darling boys!!!!
 Love her courtyard!!!!!
 So cute!!!!love these colors!!!
 And her Mom's house is stunning!!!

I did not get a picture of Kelli, but to be pregnant for the 3rd time with twins, she looks Magnificent to say the least......Glowing and Beautiful!!!Here is Miss C and Mr. K...I think Mr. K would have rather been wrestling with his brother and his 3 boy cousins then hugging a girl!!!!!
WOW what a busy day for me....I also did a photo shoot in between these parties!!!!


Corie said...

what a fun day we had! Both parties were spectacular! We are so blessed to have friends that throw such amazing parties! My fave pics are of Liam's toothy grin, Camdyn's oreo face, and her doing to sack race! SO CUTE!!!!

Deanna said...

Great FUN!!!!!!!
Everything looks awesome. Great ideas!

God bless,