Friday, October 28, 2011

State fair time!!!

 It has been over 20 years probably since I have gone to the State fair!!!So we really wanted to take Miss C to the fair!!!!As we were driving there, she saw the Large Ferris wheel and got so excited she started crying!!!!She loved looking at all the animals...cows, pigs, goats, sheep

 And Pony Rides!!!!

 As we were walking around deciding what we were going to EAT..MISS C asked if we were going to eat with the cute!!!!

 getting a better look.......hmmmm   Do I want to Play this game???/
 Let's get a snack now!!!!So many choices.....

 We picked this!!!!

 Time for that ferris wheel ride!!!
 What a view!!!

We had so much fun!!!!I won't wait another 20 years....may be an annual date now.......


Corie said...

Camdyn was so cute on the way there! She gets so excited, it is so cute!!! The fair was so fun...think she thought we were going to Disneyland!!:)

Deanna said...

Aren't Fairs and carnivals great fun?
I wish I had gone to our State Fair this past September....maybe next year. I want to go and admire the exhibits and eat some cotton candy.
God bless,