Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Day, so much to be Thankful for!!!

 The table is set...
 So happy to have My Mother in Law and Grandmother in Law's dishes, LOVE them so much, but would rather have them here then have their dishes.

 Pilgrim Hat Pigs in the blanket, fun appetizer for the kiddos!!!
 Pie is in the oven!!!
 Turkey is in the oven!!!And ham....

 Making her Christmas list!!!

 Some one stole the marshmallows!!!

 Jesse and I did Most of the cooking...well actually all of the cooking!!!

 Will carving OUR turkey not a Restaurant that he has managed for the past 9 years, his first THANKSGIVING at home!!!!!
 Watching football!!!!!!

 Time for a walk!!!

The best reason ever to go for a walk, to have fun with these 2!!!
Hope your day was filled with family, food and a Grateful heart!!!!


just call me jo said...

Love your tablecloth, too. The kids look so cute in their coordinated, turkey themed(colored) outfits. I know it was a lovely day for you. On to Christmas...and beyond.

JENNIFER said...

Hi Jamie! You have such a sweet family :o)

I cooked like I always do but this year we had store bought pie, it's been to busy around here so I decided to simplify things a bit. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! have a nice week! Hugs Jennifer

Liz said...

Awe! What a great day! :)

Every thing looks yummy! Camden is going to be quite the little fashionista. :)

Merry Christmas!