Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat fun in Mimi's neighborhood!!!

 getting ready to leave, Miss C was so excited!!!
 And our Little mermaid and her friend Sebastian were so cute!!!

 What a great night out......the weather was perfect.....today it was 89......the High on Saturday is suppose to be possible RAIN and 66!!!!!Oh yeah Fall is Here finally!!!!
 Miss C thinks she is one of the big girls!!!So happy they Love her so much!!!
 Off and running to another door.....she kept telling her Dad, "it's not full yet".......she got it!!!
 Her friend Mr. K

 Does she want to go to this house?????She was kind of scared of alot of the houses and did not want to go up to them......so we skipped them!!!

 Ok, with this one......
 got a full size candy bar from this one...Mimi loved the player piano and the Chandelier!!!
 Loved this house...the decorations were awesome!!!

 look who came to our house???THE PONY!!!!!2 ponies actually!!!
What a fun night.........and wow was our neighborhood packed...some counts were as many as 1,000 kids!!!!I counted 3 haunted houses and a full blown dance scene at the Nightmare before Christmas house, a D.J. and all!!!I would bet there was over 300 kids dancing on their driveway when we walked up!!!We drove the Rhino over after the kiddos left and we went and sat with the neighbors who live next door to the decorated house and we were there til 10 p.m. and the kids were still out!!!!CRAZY!!!!!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Wow Jamie, I want to live in your neighborhood, you're always having so much fun!
Love the cute outfits on the kiddos and I can't believe you got Miss C to sit still for the hairdo.
I used to do that to Katie and I know how long it can take!
Glad to hear your getting some cooler weather too, you deserve it!
Hugs friend,

JENNIFER said...

Hi Jamie! it's been forever since I commented on blogs...too much going on. Calgon take me away!!!LOL! Trick or treating looked fantastic in your neck of the woods :o) Miss C is such a pretty princess and was that little sabastian? positively adorable! I hope your having a nice week, it decided to rain here and it's like in the 60's... so not november weather in indiana!! LOL! Our new puppy does sleep through the night, she's quiet from 11:00 at night until around 6:00 am then she goes potty and sleeps until around 9:00am she's the perfect little alarm clock. My husband always wanted a schnauzer so when he saw this little girl he fell in love. This will be are last one. I'm tired! :o) LOL! Have a nice week friend! Hugs and love Jennifer

JENNIFER said...

Hi Jamie! I wanted to stop in and wish you a lovely fall weekend! It's been busy around here and I haven't been commenting as much so when I get a chance to say hi, I take it! :o) I also didn't want you to think I forgot about you :o) so have a beautiful weekend friend! hugs, Jennifer!

a touch of Grace said...

Hello Jamie
Its Tracy from Canada...
Your miss C sure is growing...and congrats on your new grandson!!!
I am coming up on G-kid # 4 in March.
I think about you a lot, praying you and your family are well.
I've missed hearing from you in blog land..
I am blogging a little more now...still dealing with joint pain, but can manage a little typing here and there...Just thought I would pop in and say a "good day"
Your friend
Tracy Grace