Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wedding Day events......Well I mean the fun!!!

 As we were pulling up to the hotel to check in, we spotted the Bride and one of the bridesmaids out strolling around!!!Just relaxing and taking a stroll!!How beautiful and glowing the Bride looks!!
 Here is our Good good friends Lance and Kathy, my hubby went to high school with "Uncle Lance" as our kids call him!!!!And also there daughter and her new hubby!!!
 OH MAN....this blogger IS driving me crazy....they keep posting all out of order!!!!!!!!Jesse picked this Venue as she had a llok in her head for what she outside garden wedding.......And a historic ballroom with Chandeliers!!! This Place provided both!!!!The ballroom had 6 of these gorgeous chandeliers!!
Dude and little dude
 Jesse wanted a small traditional wedding cake and LOTS of miniature desserts!!!I went with her to the tasting at the bakery and it was hard to choose 5 or 6 different ones, I ate 2 at the wedding  and they were fabulous!!!

 We promised to be Nice!!
 good job C.J.!!
 Even Better Job Jesse!!!I love it!!!

 Ok, for this many of you watch the Ellen show???there is a segment weekly where people submit videos of them dancing behind unsuspecting people.....what better place then your brother's wedding????So glad my sister videotaped can you-tube this event!!!
 Caught ya!!!
 And for a great job videotaping it, Stacie gives her Aunt Carolyn a big Kiss...or bite!!!
 So funny!!!
 The next morning we went to Mimi's for breakfast, My sis and brother in law met us!
 Father of the bride and his beautiful daughter, they danced to "In your daughter's eyes".
 Mother and Son, we danced to "My wish" by Rascal Flatts and truly every word of that song is indeed My Wish!!!
 singing and waiting her turn to dance!! dance dance!!!
 friends Jamie and Coni are always Fun to dance with!!
 Auntie Mary and Uncle John, they love each other so much!!!It is so cute!!
 This is good friends Dan and Denise, Dan was C.J.'s basketball coach from ages 5 or so til he was 13 or so, Dan has also been our Insurance agent for all these years!!!They are 2 of the nicest people you will ever meet, such good people, we are lucky to have them as our friends.
 Oh Mommy and Daddy are getting their groove on!!!
 Everyone had so much fun dancing the night away!!
 Aunt Reda and little dude!!check out his socks..he is one cool dude!!
 My brother and sister!!!
 This is Jesse's Aunt Tracy and Uncle Tim, what a great pic of them dancing.
 Aunt Stacie dancing with her nephew!!!Above Uncle C.J. dancing with Miss C!!
 Tim and Makensie dancing!!Happy Newlyweds!!
 Little Lance--not so little anymore...he is a fireman/paramedic now!!!Dancing with his sweet Mom!!
 My sis and her darling hubby!!
 Aunt Stacie and Lindsay P. watching the kiddos dance!!
 The bridesmaids and groomsmen having some fun!!
 This is Aunt Casey, my daughter's sister in law...she is a sweetheart and loves her niece and nephew too, we all share them!!
 Having to much fun!!Cj below with his new parents...we don't say In laws....
 toss that bouquet!!
 was that planned for Stacie to catch it???I think it might have been...I saw that wink!!!!So glad Stacie has a little sister now!!
 Miss C wanted that bouquet too!!!
 I wanted to get pics of all the lovely things Jesse's planned for her special day...the flowers were all placed in silver pedestal bowls with silver votives all around, she made all the plans and she did an amazing job on all the special touches that were done to make the day perfect!!Sorry these pics are all out of order, it is driving this perfectionist to cry!!!
Ok, how do I sum up the day of our Son's wedding.....It was perfect in everyway. We are so happy for C.J. and J as she is sometimes called, she blends so perfectly with our family and I know our Son loves his new family as much. SO when you join two people together you do not lose a son or a daughter, you truly gain LOTS of new people into your family, I count Greg, Deb and Steven as New members of our family and Proud to do so!!!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh Jamie, such a beautiful wedding. I love all of your pics. You looked fabulous and so happy dancing with your son. Great memories. Hugs, Marty

JENNIFER said...

Hi Jamie! The pictures are just wonderful....the wedding looked like so much fun! I liked the idea of all the little desserts and the small cake and her flowers were beautiful, simply elegant :o) Stacie cracked me up!!!! Have a nice evening! hugs Jennifer

Buttercup said...

Wonderful, happy pictures. "My Wish" is one of my all-time favorite songs, too!

Deanna said...

Dearest Jamie, Beautiful attire on all the wedding party!
Your son and new daughter in love are beautiful!
May your children have a blessed marriage with much happiness and many years together as husband and wife. I wish them well,