Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wedding Day!!!

 Family at the wedding!!
 The Ushers......having some fun!!!!
 The Beautiful Bride
 What a Great pic....Jesse kept thinking What is he taking a picture of????
 Happy Couple!!
 Crossing the STREET and causing some traffic to stop and stare!!!LOVE THIS!!!
these pics above were taken by the wedding photographer....NOT me!!!!


Mimi said...

I am tired and could not get my blog to cooperate and place the pics in the right I am giving up tonight!!!I will work on this post tomorrow, after some much needed rest!!!WHAT a week.......stomach bug has hit the Family.......

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Congratulations to the happy couple! It looks as though everything turned out beautifully.

TheFooters said...

I love all the pictures!! I haven't been to your blog in as while - and I have really been missing out on some wonderful pictures!! I love you all so much and we are so blessed to have been at C.J. & Jesse's amazing wedding!!

Buttercup said...

I've been waiting for pictures! What a beautiful couple. Every wish for their happiness.

TheFooters said...

I love all the beautiful pictures on your blog!! I love you all so much - and I'm so sorry you have been sick!

Love looking at all the wedding pictures! We are both so happy that we could be a part of C.J. & Jesse's special day!

We love you all so much!!! Carolyn!

TheFooters said...

I love all your new pictures! We are so blessed to have been at C.J. & Jesse's Wedding! It was so beautiful!!

We REALLY enjoyed our time in AZ with all of you!!! I love you all - and I had soooo much fun with Miss Camdyn and Liam! Such adorable kids - so happy and beatiful and so sweet!!

Love to all of you!!!

Caroyn & David

JENNIFER said...

I love Weddings!!!! What a super cute couple :o) I love your daughter in love's dress, she looks so beautiful...I especially like the walking across the street pic, how fun was that?! I hope you and your family are feeling better, the stomach bug is the worst. Take Care Friend, hugs Jennifer

Deanna said...

Jamie, Beautiful BRIDE!
Lovely family you have.

Thank you for sharing this special time. A gorgeous wedding and a start together as husband and wife. Like the pic of them crossing the street. This is for sure going to stop traffic! Gorgeous couple.

May the young couple be extra happy,