Friday, May 25, 2012

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party for our little darling!!!

YEP!!!Happy Birthday from ALL of us!!!!
My daughter LOVES to plan and decorate for parties and this one was Certainly a fun and cute party!!!
A table set up for the real little ones....
The entry way festive too!!
Loved the Candy treat table!!!

The Pool table makes a perfect table for the Mom's and the bigger kids!!

Minnie was here!!
The Dessert table!!!

My daughter ordered the Most awesome CAKE POPS($60.00 for 12 of them) and she Paid for Over night shipping....and guess what, the seller did NOT...and the ears were made out of Chocolate!!!You can only guess what they looked like when she opened her mailbox........DON'T ASK!!!Good think we have Lots of good bakeries close by....New Cake Pops to the rescue...just not adorable minnie mouse Cake pops!!
Mimi loves to dress for all the special occasions!!I was All ears to lots of cute conversations today!!
Mommy and daughter!!
Lunch box lunches for the 14 kiddos and chicken salad with croissant, tossed salad and strawberries for the Mom's and Dad's.

Each of the kiddos got to take a cute Minnie or Mickey Plate home as their party souvenir...

Most of the had to leave early,one was  to shy and two were newborns!!
Put a BOW on Minnie's head!!
Gift of my daughter's friends is good friends with the Ice Skater Kristy Yamaguchi and she got Miss C an autographed book that the skater has written!!
Very COOL!!!
This  BOX came from Aunt Stacie!!! She works for the Mouse....both of them!!!
OH MY WORD!!!Miss C asked for a Rapunzel dress for Christmas but Aunt Stacie KNEW a Special Limited Edition dress was she waited and got it for her for her birthday!!!!It is fabulous!!!
This little shy cutie is the daughter of my daughter's high school friend. They were cheerleaders together!!!And they have moved out here by us!!!
And Miss C's Ballet friend got her another Animated doll...Snow White!!!
Cupcake time!!
At 4 she already acts like the singing bothers her.....
But she sure was eager to bite into that cupcake!!!
Miss J was eating the best part first!!
Miss S was just eating and loving it!!!She is thinking "you did not just take my pic with frosting on my nose...did you???" So cute!!!
Miss H chose a Cookie instead!!!
The cute family!!!

This is Lori  my  daughter's friend....Next year her 2 --YES 2 daughters will be a part of this fun day!!!She is expecting NOT 1 but 2 little girls and we are SOOOOO HAPPY for her and her hubby!!!!


just call me jo said...

Wow! You really go all out! What beautiful decorations and elaborate too. That little girl is growing right up. A perfect party!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Jamie,
Wow! Your daughter just went all out on this ADORABLE PARTY!
I love the whole thing, the cookies, the decor, the outfits, those cute little milk jugs, oh my, what fun!
And that pic of you and Miss C , is so cute, needs to be framed!
I can't believe that little gal is already 4, I think I have been watching her grow up right on your blog! And for her to be embarrassed for the singing already! Yikes, what a precocious little sweetie she is!
I think 4 is such a fun age. There past the terrible two's etc. yet there still so cute and little!
Hugs and Happy Weekend to all of you!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I absolutely adore the mouse house! You guys could be party planners!

Shelia said...

Hi Jamie! That is just the cutest party and little birthday girl! Your daughter did such fabulous job on the decorations and you look darling in your 'ears'! :)
Oh, my, your daughter's friend looks like she is about to pop! :) Bless her heart and hope she has a safe delivery and healthy bouncing little girls.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)