Sunday, May 6, 2012

Off to Versailles.....I am at Versaille!!!!!

The girls looking  out our window down on the street where I was to Snap their pic!!These windows were one of my fav things about our apartment, three of them in the living room, two in my bedroom. We could open them and hear the jazz musicians playing at the cafe's along our road.
Entertainment on our train ride to Versaille.
A statue of King Louis in the front.
I am standing in front of the Large Gold Gate, the entrance to the Palace.
Donna and Sherri at the gate...

I love this gate!!
From the moment you approach the palace, you get an immediate glimpse of all the is gilded bronze technically, but GOLD, Gold, gold you will see!!!

In 1623 Louis XIII builds a hunting lodge, in 1631 it is enlarged. In 1661, Louis XIV plans to make Versaille the home of the Royal Family.

April starts the busy tourist season, but our day here visiting was not that bad, we could easily stroll through each room, imagining what living here really would be like. There are 2,300 rooms, 1,944 windows, 1,252 chimneys, 67 staircases, 7,000 paintings, 35,000 drawings and prints, 2,100 sculptures and the list of things goes on and on. It was Impressive to say the Least!!
The Royal Chapel
I will Post more pics of this beautiful place when BLOGGER cooperates!!!

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JENNIFER said...

Hi Jamie! ooooooh! I'm so glad you posted, I couldn't wait to see your trip!!! I loved the stained glass windows and the gold gate is fantastic. I love how you post all the details, very interesting and a lot of fun :o) Thank you for sharing everything with us. Have a super week sweets! hugs Jennifer