Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee!! Some of her favorite things!!

I am so excited for all the Coverage that is to come this week for the Queen of England's Diamond Jubilee!!!She has reigned for 60 years!!!Only Queen Victoria ruled longer then she. I am sure Queen Elizabeth will out reign her 64 years. She seems like the energizer bunny and just keeps going. Her schedule of events is amazing. She does over 300 a year, I am guessing some days she does 3 or 4 or possible 5 in one day. She does vacation at her Royal Palaces around the United Kingdom so she works very hard on the days she makes these appearances.
So much coverage is going to be done, even in the blog world, so I want to write about what the Queen loves. This is a Photograph of the Young Queen, she only became the Heir to the throne because her Father's brother abdicated the throne for a Married woman......Queen Elizabeth loves her family very much,when her Father died, she became the Queen at a very young age. She lost her sister Princess Margaret and her Mother in the same year. It is said she was devastated at the loss. She spoke to her Mother on the phone everyday.  
The Queen has four children, eight Grandchildren and two Great Grand-Children. She is devoted to her family. For 60 years she has been a Working Mother, a devoted wife,  was a loving sister and daughter and she is  a doting Grandmother.
The Queen really does not have any hobbies, she has Passions. The Queen is an accomplished rider and Loves her Horses, she takes great pride in everything about them. The Queen also enjoys taking photographs....Hmmm.....she would fit right in to blogging now wouldn't she!!!She carries her old Leica Camera in her purse. The Queen also loves her dogs, she currently has three Corgi's and she even has three dorgi's, this occurred when one of her Corgi's got to close to one of Princess Margaret's dachshund's along time ago!!!The dog's have a special room in Buckingham Palace and they usually always travel to her other palaces as well.

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Deanna said...

Hi Jamie. I liked this post about the Queen. This family has many interested in their lives. It's charming!

Enjoyed reading about her,