Monday, May 7, 2012

Sacre-Coure and the Montmartre Hill area

From the moment you get a glimpse of this Beautiful White Basilica, you are swept away by it's immense beauty. On Sunday while a couple of the girls went out of Paris to visit with friends of one of the girls, the remaining of us decided we would go with Sherri to Mass at the Sacre-Coure. We took a taxi here as the hike up the mountain is quite strenuous.
This White gem is Magnificent, construction began in 1873, but war postponed it's finish until 1919. The four small domes, dwarfed by the central  large dome is clearly Oriental is design, the Basilica itself is more Romanesque and Byzantine in design. The bell tower is 262 feet tall and contains the "Savoyarde"- the name given to the bell. Weighing in at 19 tons!!And is believed to be one of the world's largest.

Sherri and I going into the Basilica for high Mass. I am not Catholic, but for my friend I would be Happy to go. Upon entering the Basilica, the nuns were singing and it sounded like Angels from heaven.
Out of respect for my friend and this place and the other people there to worship God, I took no pictures but this one. The Priest is conducting the mass all in french. But is was amazing.
Donna and Sherri outside the Basilica.
After Mass, we headed up into the Montmartre area, famous for all the artists that hang out there. It was unbelievable how many artists were out painting this day. I just walked around and was enjoying every minute watching the people in the Place du Tertre..the town square. This artist caught my eye several times, he would interact with the people stopping to watch him, I could tell he clearly enjoyed every minute he was painting.
I loved his smile, his paint splattered jacket, his lovely French words......
So I bought this little gem from him and I am so Happy I did!!!It is titled the "Champs Elysees".
I enjoyed my time here, snapping people doing what they Love to do, these two men were playing chess....
Loved the lace curtains hanging in the window....
Love this Dad tenderly  stroking his Son's head....the street side cafe with it's chairs all facing the Place du Tertre....
Donna and Sherri window shopping down the cobblestone streets....Van Gogh and Picasso both lived in the Montmartre area. We all popped into a wonderful art gallery and bought larger canvas's then we did from the artist directly and for less!!!But my canvas I bought by the artist who painted it in front of me shall always be my "I love Paris" souvenir.
I loved my shadow on the cobblestone street!!!
One of the MOST photographed and painted corners in all of Paris!!!
We popped into a little cafe for dinner and of course Creme Brulee!!!
And finally the crown jewel of the night...the View of the Eiffel Tower from up on the hill!!!
We took the funicular down the hill!!!!What a Great day, strolling the neighborhood where the bohemian movement may have begun!!!

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