Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ballet Flats!!!

I love these L.K. Bennett Poppy Ballet Flats!!

 And I Adore these Ballet Flats by Vera Wang......
 I think these are quite unique and My daughter might love them more.....Skull Ballet Flats by Alexander McQueen! However, these PINK Ballet Flats are probably my fav!!!
 I have had a near obsession with Ballet Flats since last summer......for some reason prior to that, closed toe shoes always Hurt my feet so I stayed clear of them, last summer I gave it a shot, went 1/2 size bigger and new love affair with Ballet Shoes has been Born!!!
I think those PINK ones just might be coming home with me very soon!!!!!
Til then I will Pirouette, Plie and Chasse all over town!!!


Julie said...

I have a love/hate relationship with ballet flats due to my flat/wide feet and narrow heel. I finally discovered a ballet flat that doesn't hurt and actually stays on. Oka-B ballet flats!!
They're recyclable! And they come in so many cute colors and styles. Love my new fuscia ones! A tad too hot for summer here, but great the rest of the year!

Karena said...

Oh I love ballet flats & the pink are wonderful!!

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