Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012

 Father's Day is special around here, because I do not have my Dad anymore so we make sure that my Kids Dad feels Extra Special...oh How I wish my Dad was still here for me to share my life with...We went to church, and came home to Swim, hang out with each other and BBQ!!!Grand-dude had a Grand day for sure.

 The Smile says it all.....
 little miss in her new swimsuit and swimming cap!!So Vintage!!

 Our Grands Daddy had to work part of the day, so when he arrived he was met by his darlings and the cute card they made for him!!
What a fun day celebrating Dads in our life!!


hi-d said...

looks like a fun day!!

tracegrace said...

My daughters children gave their daddy the same kind of homemade chocolate bar word card.
Its that just the best idea ever!!!
Hugs to my dear...