Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee--1,000 boats in the Flotilla celebrating the Queen

 It is a Cold Wet day in London..but lack of Sunshine did NOT hamper the festive mood along the River Thames, as possible Millions came out to celebrate this Historical day. I told my daughter yesterday, Not even You will witness a Diamond Jubilee ever enjoy the event as Much as I will...MY DVR is in heavy overload!!!
 The Royal Barge (Below)  making it's way down the will end right by the Tower Bridge, where the Royal family will enjoy the flotilla.1,000 boats are involved.....this began by Queen Elizabeth the first back in the 16th century.

 The Queen smiling as she prepares to board the barge...she looks elegant dressed in all white.
 The Duchess of Cambridge Princess Catherine......She looks So amazing in Red......I read that she asked the Queen about a suitable is perfect for the day...The Union Jack is also Red, White and Blue!!!
 Prince Harry, Princess Kate, she is the Duchess of Cambridge, the Duke of Cambridge Prince William,  and I believe Prince Phillip is standing next to his wife THE QUEEN her Royal Highness.
The Queen with her daughter in law, the Duchess of Cornwall....Camilla, Prince Charles's wife.
What a Great day for the Queen, she must feel so Proud of all her subjects who braved this cold wet weather to come out to  celebrate her.

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Buttercup said...

What fun to watch a happy event. I'm getting ready for the Olympics. Can't wait to see them! Kate looks gorgeous in her red outfit, but she looks lovely in just about anything.