Monday, June 4, 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee...Her Majesty's Home Sweet Homes!!

 I love the Diamond Jubilee Logo......I must place this on my Blog somewhere......Love both Logos!!
Here I am visiting THE Royal Mews while I was in London in April. The Royal Mews not only is a working Stable it is where all matters of transportation for the Royal Family occurs. The Queen will be riding in one of the Royal Carriages tomorrow after the morning Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul's Cathedral.
She may be riding in this fabulous Carriage!!!
This is the Home for the Queen when she is in London....BUCKINGHAM PALACE...she occupies about 18-25 rooms for her own personal use, the rest of the Palace is a working Palace...Her staff have rooms there, you will also find  State Rooms for Royal Functions as well.

I am certain the Royal Family will make an appearance on that famous balcony!!!

I am so happy I was in London during the year of 2012!!!The Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Summer Olympic all this coverage shows places I was just at...I know exactly what corner I was at to watch the Changing of the guards ceremony...well it was rained out....but I know where I stood....then standing in front of the gate...I was really there!!
The Jubilee Concert will be held in the Queen's Gardens around the Victoria Memorial. See pic below

The Queen's Weekend home is WINDSOR CASTLE......and she also spends four weeks at Easter here. Fire in 1992 nearly destroyed the Castle, it took 10 years to re-build and clean up after the fire....we were shown one small part of evidence of the fire....but all in all it is magnificent.

The Queen also spends ten  weeks in the summer at Balmoral  and six weeks at Christmas are at Sandringham. The Queen loves spending time at these palaces as she has alot of privacy and alot of space to go ride her horse.


Deanna said...

Jamie, It is so neat that you were able to visit these royal places and share the pics with us. That is one gorgeous carriage.

Perhaps one day I will get to see these places in person.

My hubby has English roots and maybe, just maybe we will so lucky to go to England one day.

In the mean time, I sure enjoy seeing your pics!

"Create Beauty" said...

This was so interesting!!! Isn't it amazing how long she has been Queen, and those castles and palaces, oh my! How special that you were able to visit England this year!

~ Violet