Monday, August 20, 2012

Disneyland..To all that come to this happy place...WELCOME!!!

 Upon entering Disneyland you walk down MAIN STREET USA.....back to a time when perhaps you would come across a horse drawn carriage ride.
 I have never been to Southern California when it was this Hot!!!Near 100 degrees......and on all that blacktop!!!But we were happy it was not 117 like it was back home!!

 We mostly came to California to excape the heat for four days, but as always we found ourselves at Disneyland. SO glad Dude-dude came along with us. The Grands daddy could not get that many days off, so we missed him but it is not long and we will be going on our family vacation. We asked the kids(okay we asked Miss C) and the answer was Pirates ride!!!
 My hubby shares his name with a Very Famous will see his NAME Muraled on the wall behind him!!!We have a few Disney Pirate toys because they bare his name!!!
 After riding the ride, we headed over to Blue Bayou for our lunch reservation. Miss C called it Tianna's place....after the movie The Princess and the Frog.

 New Orleans Square is one of my fav parts of Disneyland. Magic Kingdom in Florida does not have a New Orleans Square. It does however have Liberty Land.
 I also love this big Paddle wheel Boat ride, reminds me of our dinner cruise on the real Mississippi River in New Orleans.
 Guess who IS this TALL?????She is almost tall enough for ALL the rides!!!
 Big Mountain Thunder railroad, a railroad ride that is Out of control!!!She loved it!!
 She loved the Castle and was Amazed She could walk through it. We were just in Disneyworld and she knows she could not Walk through that Castle.She Knows her Castles!!
 About to walk through the Castle, also one of my favorite sights, that Carousel peeking through the Opening!!
 Miss C got to Meet Merida!!!The new character in the new Disney movie Brave.
And she also got to shoot a real arrow with a bow!!!and she hit the target also, ok she had a little help!!

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