Saturday, August 25, 2012

SAY it Saturday link up party!!!
 Little Miss with her massive collection of "PETS" as she calls them. Most have names and when she asks for one, it's good if I know who she is talking about!!!I can start at the top...her beloved BUTTERSCOTCH, this horse is HER makes noises and moves, and She Loves it!!Runs in every morning and says Good Morning Butterscotch!!!And that BIG Giant Teddy Bear is just called Teddy...he arrived on her doorstep with pink balloons  the day of her first birthday party!!A gift from her Great Aunt Colleen. Most of the pets mon those top steps are all from Disney and her Aunt Stacie!!!
 The next several rows are a mix of Pets picked up on vacations.....or Just her fav animal HORSES!!!
 and the last few rows are pets from birth to age 4.....she loves everyone and refuses to part with any!!
And how does Mommy and Mimi make such a request?????She is so fun!!!!And we love her  so much!!!


Buttercup said...

I can understand how she feels. My office looks like a toy store and it's fun!

Corie said...

She adores her stuffed pets. She is a funny and sweet girl. Love her!!!

nancygrayce said...

That girl loves her "pets"!! She is just so cute and how sweet that she's named all of them and wants you to know them by name!!!!! :)

Deanna said...

I can see why she loves her pets so much and can't part with them.....we have a similar problem around here. Grins.

These lil girls are just the best,