Monday, September 17, 2012

HAPPY Birthday to our Daughter!!!

 YOUR day of Birth!!
 Daddy, Grandma  and you at your first Thanksgiving!!!
 6 months old!!
 9 months old and first trip to Disneyland!!!!I think you have been to Disney more times then your age!!
 Daddy and you.....birthdays are 10 days apart!! Happy First Birthday!
 Happy 2nd Birthday!!
You are 4 1/2 (just like your daughter now) and your little sister is 2!!!! Sisters are best friends forever!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Beautiful and Amazingly talented daughter!!We love you!
mom and dad


It's me said...

Congratulations darling !! love love ...♥♥♥

Chatty Crone said...


Palomasea said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous "little one", dear Jamie! (They always stay our little ones, don't they??) :)
What beautiful family photos...thank you so much for sharing them...I loved seeing these precious moments!
Blessings, and may you all have a fabulous celebration!!!
- Irina

Grams said...

Beautiful memories found in adorable pictures. Time goes way too fast

Deanna said...

May your sweet daughter have a wonderful Birthday! And congrats to you as gave her life!!!

Think your pics are great. I didn't take very pictures of my children when they were growing up compared to what I can take digital now. Treasure the pics I have.

Think I had better get them copied and put on my blog so I have extras.

Happy BIRTH day to you!!!

hi-d said...

So sweet! Happy birthday to your daughter. I love all of the old photographs. Oh, and happy belated b-day to your hubby who you said shares the same date of when my husband and I were married. Sounds like you have a busy September. :)