Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The South East Asia Royal Tour comes to an end

  Arriving at the airport in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, located on Guadalcanal Island. Kate chose a UK designer,  Scotland’s Jonathon Saunders. From what I have read online, most people do not get the color of the hat and the placement of the hat. I agree, I do not Love this look, but I like it. 
 They were greeted with beautiful orchid lea's!!
This was Kate's third outfit change for this day...she arrived early in the day in a dress she had worn almost 10 years ago!!!I did not post that pic. But this Cute island dress was in her hotel room, a gift from the Government, she tried it on and loved it. The night was a fun outside event and The Duke and Duchess both looked amazing in their island wear.
 William and Kate spending time at a cultural event in Honiara. Kate stopping to chat with the locals.
 Will suggested that two of the baby piglets be named Will and Kate.
Kate as always very friendly and taking the time to talk to this young Mother and her baby. Kate's bright yellow coat dress is a  Jaeger Pleated Shirt Dress.

The pair then changed clothes and flew to Marapa. Here they are enjoying a ride in a traditional war canoe. The Sharks in the background are not real sharks, they are part of a tradition where warriors swim under a shark costume.
Kate chose another eyelet or Broderie Anglaise dress. It is by Mulberry. The dark navy,  knee length, sleeveless frock has a defined waistline and full skirt. I LOVE this dress!!!I would So wear this!! I also Love Prince Williams casual Coral linen shirt.
 After spending the night on a private island, it was time to tell Honiara and the Solomon Islands good-bye.

This is them getting off a helicopter and preparing to fly to their next stop.

When they arrived in Funafuti, they were given flowers to wear on their heads as well as the necklaces. They also were carried into the event. See Pic above!! She chose another eyelet dress this time in light pastel yellow. The dress features a boat neckline, a self belted waistline, full short sleeves that are not lined and it hits a few inches above the knee. It seems the Duchess loves this fabric as it is her  third dress in broderie anglaise, or eyelet. 

Following a tour of the community the evening’s big event was a dinner hosted by the Governor General at Vaiaku Falekaupule, the town hall where such events are held. While William retained his suit, he left off the tie.  He did however, sport the straw headwear given to each.

Then it was Time to dance!!!And dance they did!!!how cute is this!!

Kate was also given a grass skirt to wear.  Kate's dress is an Alice by Temperley. A perfect choice for this event. 

 This pics are of their last day/event of their SE Asia tour. In spite of what they had to deal with, the private photos that got leaked to the press, I think they had a wonderful time on this Royal Tour.

And since it was noted several times that Kate toasted with Water...perhaps their might be a New Royal baby on the way.


It's me said...

♥.♥.♥...Love your post !!

Deanna said...

Hi Jamie! Isn't she a lovely young Lady!!!

Enjoyed your post.
God bless,

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I think she's looks just smashing and continue to be a D of C supporter. I felt so very bad that their privacy was invaded.

Palomasea said...

Perhaps! :) We shall see...
I think they are just great, very warm and lovely.
- Irina

Blondie's Journal said...

I have loved reading your series of posts on the royals trip. And I love to see what Kate is wearing! She is a true style icon!



Beautiful post of a beautiful couple! I love them, they remind me so much of Diana's days. Yes, I'm from Astoria-Queens, NY, I'm from Ecuadorian background, my parents are Ecuadorian, (dad died 15 yrs. ago)) and so is my hubs, that is why I live here and love it. The weather in Cuenca-Ecuador is like a cold spring and a warmer spring all year round, as it's situated in the Andean mountain region. The coastal area of the country is a hot summer as the US and a light summer all year too. My computed got stolen in the airport while waiting for my flight back home, so I just got a new one. Thank you for your sweet and kind visit dear Mimi, I was so happy to see your note. Have a great weekend.