Monday, November 5, 2012

Disguise the Limit!!

  A cute kitty cat, Rapunzel Bride and a Barbie Doll
 Raggedy Ann is the teacher!!!!
 Trick or Treat!!
 Look how cute the Princess and the Pirate are??
 So Brave....doing it alone.....
 she wanted to get her picture by the scarecrow....she loves them!!!She watches alot of Wizard of Oz lately....
 Her friend the cute dalmation!
 we get candy and a Donut????Yes you do....and We do too!!
 and root beer.....they had tons of donuts!!
 Corie, her Mother in Law and Sister in Law enjoying a donut!!
 Let the Halloween Dance Party begin!!!Our neighborhood is the place to be....A full Size Haunted House on one end of the street and this Dance party at the other end......lights, Dj, The Nightmare before Christmas being shown on the garage door. Food and drinks.......There are so many people and cars are lined up for a mile to get in.....some people give out candy from there golf carts, they call it mobile trick and treating but more like giving out treats!!
 My neighbor who lives at the Nightmare before Christmas House!!!They do a fabulous job on this big Party!!
 I love their decorations!!
 dancing time!!

 movie time....
 Little guy loved this house.....he could not believe they had a lamp out on their driveway!!
 Stood there and stared at that lamp for 1 or 2 minutes.....perhaps he loved the pumpkins on it!!

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh that pirate has stolen my heart!

As you may know our Ceekay is in the hospital. Remember when she recently shared that she wished there was a "Make A Wish" for adults. Her biggest wish is to take her small family to Disneyland.

Do you have any thoughts how we can do this? An account we can set up then promote it on our blogs?