Saturday, December 15, 2012

May all your Memories be Magical....Christmas time at Disneyland!!!

 I can't think of any other place at Christmas I would rather be.
 Tow mater is covered in Snow!!!
 The many faces of L....aske him to get NOOOOOOOOO
 The many faces of Miss C......
 I love the New Cars land and the fun creative Christmas decorations!!I am asking my hubby to make me this for the front yard next year!!!

 And this!!!
 From the moment you walk through the gates of are transported to some quaint fun decorated mainstreet...

 Love all the festive decor!!
 we had lunch at Thunder Ranch..all the ribs, chicken and fixins you care to eat!!
 with musical entertainment!!
 Visits with Santa...does this pic just make you smile???It makes me smile!!!Reminds me of the little girl in Miracle on 34th Street!!
 At least he wasn't screaming...
 Parade time...Rain included!!

 Love this picture....his staring at all the excitement!!
 Nothing beats Disney at Night!!!It is Magical to say the least!!
 It's a Small world all decked out!!
 The Castle, the Carousel...
 That Main Street tree at night!!!
And Guess who We bumped into????The JONAS Brothers.....with their entourage.....meaning wife, girlfriends,....we were told not to take pics....I know you can!!!!and I did!!!!

What a beautiful sight..rain and all!!!                                                  

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