Friday, December 28, 2012


I think what I enjoyed so much this Christmas season was reading and witnessing so many family traditions still being done by my Children and friends of my Children, nothing makes me happier or brings me such JOY is to see families doing activities that are traditional!!!New ones and old ones!!
I love this wrapping paper I found at hobby lobby
wrapping gifts and putting bows and cute attachments on daughter wraps gifts like a pro!!!
Making the yearly gingerbread house.....and cookies!!

everyone helped!! They also ate the candy!!
All done!!!
Another family tradition is piling into the car and driving around looking at houses all decorated...

Seriously this house looked like Disneyland!!!
I LOVE this!!!The Leg lamp from Christmas Story!!!
this decorated house( where the light in the sky is,  I did not get any pics of the house as they kept you moving) AMAZING...took us 45 minutes winding around the neighborhood , just to see it!!
this house was in that same fav blow up is the manger one!!!

I made this treat......a chocolate Santa on a Candy Cane sleigh!!!Little chocolate bars are gifts!!
My New outside decoration!!!love this!!

 we also love to ride the horse and carriage around our local Mall!!

                                        then we headed to Johnny Rockets for some warm food!!The kiddos got a kick out of the smiley face ketchup!!                
Christmas eve Church service is another family tradition....
Little Miss marching up on to the stage for the Pastor's story. This year the story was called The Story of the Candy Cane.

We were all given little lights....

After church, we decided to go out to eat this year....OH NO.......yes...we did!!!
then home for dessert and a few gift openings!!
Skyping with Our daughter in Orlando....
New P.J.'s!!!   The Hot Chocolate bar I set up for us!!!New mugs and Silver engraved spoons!!!That is alot of C's and J's......I should have gotten our middle initials I guess!!!

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Blondie's Journal said... had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family and tradition! That's what it is all about!