Wednesday, May 15, 2013

President George W Bush Presidential Library Dedication Service and Block Party!!!

 These first few pics were taken by a Southern Methodist University Photographer we got to know.Our tickets were for section to the left of the stage area and down the rolling grassy hill, we were there but had to view the dedication ceremony on large tv screens......but I Was there and I could hear it ALL live!!!  ALL Five Living Presidents were there. We had to get up 5:00 a.m. Dallas time to get to the University and get through security.But well worth that early rise!!
 First Ladies Club!!!
 Presidents George Bush #41 and #43!!!!
 Praying.....this brought me to tears!!!
 The Bush Family holding hands
 Our photographer friend found us that night at the big Lighting of Freedom Hall-Block Party!!!We found empty seats directly behind the blue saved off V.I.P. area, President George Bush and his family were four or five rows directly in front of us(My Friend and Neighbor Donna)

 This was us very early that morning going through the security procedures.....NO purses allowed, just my cell phone, lipstick and credit card!!!and MY Photo Id!!
 Even Karl Rove had to go through security measures!!!

 I loved the many Faith Based Choirs that performed while we waited to go into the seating area.
 Security was everywhere!!!!

 SMU is a Beautiful campus!!!I am NOW saving extra money so MY Grandkids can attend College there!!!
 We got here 3 hours before start time to get a Great seat!!!We scored!!!!
 Karen Hughes and family arrive....she worked for Pres. Bush  in the State Department for many years.
 Dana Perino of FOX News arriving with her husband, she was Pres. Bush's Press Secretary for many years.
 Karl Rove arriving
 Secretary of State Condeleza Rice
 Barbara Bush
 Barbara Bush's cute ponytail!!
 President Bush and First lady Laura Bush arrived right on time at 8:30 p.m.!!!

 It was an HONOR to say the least to be invited to this Wonderful event!!!!I am a Proud Supporter and Volunteer  of many years to George W Bush's campaigns and his beautiful library.
 Sitting down to watch the fireworks/light show

 I cannot begin to tell you how many tears I shed this day as a PROUD AMERICAN.....THIS President is so unappreciated  and I think it is so sad.

 I love their humbleness and their Principles.

Yeah, we got a chance to talk with Dana Perino and get our pic with her!!!Her Hubby snapped this pic!!!

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