Monday, June 17, 2013

lunch and Off to Sedona!!

 We met our Son and daughter in law at the Parlor......formerly the Salon De Venus....funny thing, I have eaten here before, I have also had my hair done here before....Along time ago!!!!I never knew why it was called the Parlor....I thought maybe because they served Pizza........until I used the ladies room and saw this.....
 and I went WAIT a minute.....this used to be a hair Salon....I had my hair done here about 15 years ago when we stayed at the Arizona Biltmore for one of the Discount Tire Company Christmas Party!!!
 Love their Urban Garden!!! Our Son and daughter in Law have a great Urban garden...I will post pics of that soon!!!

 This little girl Loves her Aunt Jesse!!
 And little dude loves his Uncle Cj!!
 After dropping Mommy and Daddy off at the Hotel for the wedding, the kids and I headed into town, after passing a red jeep, a yellow jeep and then a PINK jeep, I said hey kids do you want to go on a Jeep ride????I heard a loud YEAH!!!!!!I have always wanted to go one a jeep tour.....lived here all my life with a Grandpa that took us on jeep tours, but thought it was time MY GRANDS experienced that kind of fun!!!
 The Bat formation
 UP Schenbly Hill we go....and looking back at the rocks we just climbed over!!

 Did not plan on going on a Pink Jeep tour. But think it is neat I match the jeep!!
 Lovely Sunset!!
 Off to the Red Planet diner.....where aliens are everywhere!!!

Little dude would say Go away monster!!!After dinner we headed to the movies to see EPIC...then to the Hotel......what a fun busy day!!!!!


nancygrayce said...

I haven't been by in a while! I love your new header and that you all match in your pink! Your grands are growing and are so precious!

What a fun jeep tour in beautiful country!

~Kristen~ said...

How cool to start a new tradition with the kids, and one that reminds you of your childhood. Looked like fun:-)