Friday, July 19, 2013

The Stanley I hear Redrum-Redrum

 When you arrive in Estes Park, Co this glorious lake welcomes you!!!

 The famous Stanley Hotel!!Made extra famous when Stephen King stayed here and was inspired to write his famous book, The Shining!!!

 The Stanley's of course were school teachers who created their wealth by inventing stuff, one was the Stanley Steam engine car.

 The lobby is comfortable and casual yet unassuming.
 BUT I Love staying at Old Historic and Haunted Hotels!!!

 Notice 3 separate sets of stairs, two now go no where, but back in the day, the help had their own set of stairs.
 Celebrating our 37th Wedding Anniversary staying two nights here!!
 Time for our historic and haunted tour!!!

 Our room, and we did experience a GHOST almost as soon as we brought our bags in. THE tv worked then it did not, called for someone to fix it and it worked immediately for them, the service guy said that is the number one sign you have encountered a ghost. He said he gets over 25 tv calls per day!!!!The ghost was very friendly and I/We were never ever scared. I like to think of ghosts as Angels though.
 Enjoying the view
 Our tour guide!!
 The music hall has the most ghost activity. I heard as there is no air conditioning here, and we slept with our 3 windows opened, but I awoke to the midnight ghost tour people laughing, I looked out the window to see about 50 flash light carrying ghost hunters!!!
 Up in that left side balcony is where most people find ghosts in their pics.....
 The most haunted room in the place is where that balcony is....

 going up to the 2nd floor.....
 that is the room and also the room Stephen King stayed in!!!
 The hall where he had a vision of his young Son riding his Big wheel down!!!
 We had dinner at their famous restaurant!!This is the bar inspired in the movie "your money's no good here Sir"

 Walking around at was nice and cool!!!Elevation here around 8,000 feet!!

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marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh how fun, what an interesting place, I loved the tour. Thanks for taking us along. Happy Anniversary!!!! Hugs, Marty