Wednesday, August 7, 2013

GOD made you my Cousin, Love made you MY Friend!!!

 these two little girls had so much fun together.Two weeks went by way to fast.
 Church with my cousins!!!!
 All the little ones had so much fun in class.
 I got the girls matching bathing suits!!
 we had a BBQ at my Sister's house....and the kids would hardly get out of the pool...

 They played in the pool for hours every day!!!

 Then we made Sundae's on Sunday!!!

 My Sister brought the two little ones(twins age 5, but the youngest of my niece's kids) over to play and swim!!!The 2 siblings and My other niece's Son went to the gun range.
  We went swimming for a few hours, then had lunch!!
 I did family pics for them while they were here....this is my niece's oldest daughter....she is Beautiful!!

 What a beautiful family!!
 My Sister and her hubby and below them with all their grand children!!

 before dinner....more swimming!!

 lots of jumping occurred!!

 and talking!!

 and golfing....
 and watching your cousin do fun tricks!!
 and maybe getting tossed in the pool.....did not happen!!
 we saw the movie Despicable me this we decided to make cupcakes!!!
 our little minions!!
 one eye or two eyes.....
 or a bunch of eyes!!!

 My niece's Mother in Law lives in Az also, so I invited her and her hubby over. Her hubby is from Italy, so we had an Italian theme dinner!!!

 the girls pretended to be real dolls!!
what a fun time we had.....cannot wait til next summer when they come back...or we are hoping they will move here!!


ImagiMeri said...

Well that was a fun post. Wow little princess is growing so fast! Hey, stop by my blog and check out the holiday event happening in November....maybe you're interested in attending.


Deanna said...

Hi Jamie, Sorry the ole computer is giving you fits.
Mine is on the fritz and am using another one that i only get to use on wk-ends and evenings. I could freezes as i type. Working on that.

You have some real sweeties there to celebrate life with.
Sundays on Sunday is a great way to live!

Sending my love your way and enjoying Summer,