Sunday, August 4, 2013

Welcome to the World Prince George Alexander Louis!!

 The advantages of being a night owl, I saw that The Royal Couple had headed to the hospital, So I slept on the couch that night with the news on.......No baby at 8 a.m. the next morning when I woke up, well the baby was born at 8:24 local Az time, but no announcement was made for over four hours after he was born. I had a hair appointment that morning at 11, So what was I to do....I took my laptop with me......When the news came out that it was a BOY, I SHOUTED it's a BOY.....the entire salon erupted in applause...NOT one person had to ask what are you talking about!!!!!
 I waited again right by the Tv for that first glimpse!!!!

 The Middleton's stopped in to meet their new grandson
And Proud Grandfather said it is a joy to see my---MY first Grand child. His wife has several from her children, but this is Prince Charles first!!!
 The World found out via electronic media after the QUEEN got the first call. No one was allowed to witness the birth because it is Royal protocol That the Queen find out first. This Man had to privilege to bring the birth details to Buckingham Palace.



To celebrate the Happy news, I let the grands where their Royal Costumes I bought them in London Last spring at the gift shop at Kensington Palace to dinner!!!After all we have our very own Prince William!!

                                                             A few days after the royal birth, we headed back to Southern California for a family vacation, first stop La Jolla and Sprinkles cupcakes!!! We wanted to get a Cupcake made special just for the baby!!

I chose Red Velvet and it was filled with Blue marshmallow creme!!!

Little Miss chose strawberry!!!

I loved that Duchess Kate wore blue polka dots, I immediately knew she did this to honor Princess Diana. I had a small bet going on....who would carry the New royal Baby out of the hospital....Prince Charles held Prince William first, then handed the baby to his Mother. This time Kate carried the baby out and handed him to daddy.Oh My favorite thing of the day.....Prince William carrying Prince George out in that Britax Baby carrier, securing him in the car, then HE drove off!!!

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