Sunday, October 20, 2013

Walt Disney World's newest Restaurant BE OUR GUEST!!!!

 We left Vero Beach and headed straight to Magic Kingdom and the New Fantasyland.....
 Instead of the monorail, we decided to take the boat over to the front gate...passing the Beautiful Grand Floridian Resort.
 and the Contemporary is here in 1973 that President Richard Nixon in front of 400 reporters said I am NOT a crook.
 I love Disney parks and all the decorations they display for every season.

 That Castle with all the Orange decor all around even looks more fantastic!!!
 The New Fantasyland at Magic kingdom is Amazing!!!And I am so excited that our daughter worked some magic and got us a reservation for dinner here!!!

 waiting for the doors to open....and we Were the First guests called inside!!!!It was Magical!!!
 And this Place is spectacular!!!
 The Main large Ball room....
 One of the side dining rooms....
 and this side dining room is called the Rose room......
 The rose under the cloche...
 the ceiling and chandeliers were fabulous.
 It snowed outside our window!!!
 Our beautiful daughter....So Proud of her in SO many ways!!!We miss her so much.But also very proud of all her success. She was only 3 managers at her locale awarded the MOVING AHEAD award.....she is moving right up!!!

 The dessert cart....."Try the Grey stuff, it's delicious. If you don't believe us, ask the dishes"...a famous line from the Beauty and the Beast movie. Ok....we had it and guess what the Grey stuff is????
 It is a Brownie with Grey Frosting.....can you guess the grey stuff?????It was delicious!!!
 We met the Beast....Belle was in the library!!
 loved walking through the Hall of Armors....

THANKS again darling daughter!!!!What a fabulous dinner!!!!

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It's me said...

You are back again...welcome !!..lovely post...enjoy the week love Ria...x !