Sunday, November 3, 2013

Brush with fame game ......Snooki!!!

 Our daughter had to work, so we decided to go visit her!!!And ride a few rides!!!Tower of Terror and Rockin Roller coaster....I say everytime I ride them, "I am never riding those rides again"!!!
 Then we walked around and waited for Fantasmic, the Lights and water show with alot of characters!!! Our daughter got us in the VIP section, along with  Snooki and All her family!!!
 I saw this neat sign over one of the shops!!
 We sat down and LOOK who arrived!!!Snooki is TINY to say the least!!!

 She was guessing disney trivia before the show!!!I did not speak to her as I wanted to respect their vacation, they were at Disney for the weekend, as she was busy dancing on the Show Dancing with the Stars.
 The Fantasmic show at Disney's Hollywood Studio is Way better then the one at Disneyland.
 The Characters float by on large boats.

And guess started Pouring down rain!!!!Our daughter escorted Snooki and her family out of the rain and took them to a waiting van.


Blondie's Journal said...

You were so sweet to respect her privacy...not many would have done that. She is a cutie...motherhood has made her more calm, much as it did me! ;-D


Deanna said...

Happy Fame Game Brushing!
Blessings to you this November. Who do you suppose you'll see?

nancygrayce said...

Oh, how fun!!!!

I haven't been over in a grands are just so grown up and so precious!!

~Kristen~ said...

Just got to say, I love Fantasmic, I was there it's opening year. On another note, when I worked at Disney it was fun to find who you would run to in a "brush with fame."

Deanna said...

Hi Jamie! You are one brave soul for riding those rides in the first place. I no longer have the desire to ride. Scary to me since I'm an old lady. grins.

You see so many stars that I think you must be a celebrity magnet.

Have a super December!