Friday, February 27, 2009

Let's get pampered!!!!

First let's get our toe's painted very cute!!!! Corie chose pink flowers, Jamie chose pink checkerboard design and Stacie chose the same in aqua!!!
Now it's time for highlights and a cut!!!! Stacie got about 4 inches cut off, Corie just a trim and Jamie decided to let her hair grow out, even her bangs!!!!It was so fun having Stacie home to enjoy a little pampering with us!!!! It 's always a fun day out with MOM and daughter's, I cannot wait til Princess Camdyn gets a little pampering as well!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I wish I was there with you girls.

Is that dark hair I spy on Corie?....I always thought she was positively beautiful with her dark hair and chocolate eyes. She is ravishing either way, but I hope she is going back to her darker brown. I wish I could wear darker hair as nice as she does.

Looks like you gals are having a great time. Wish I lived closer so I could join in.

Who's idea was it to move out to Timbuktu anyway???