Saturday, February 28, 2009


Since I LOVE the movie Mama Mia, we had to take a break from packing,( we're off to Las Vegas tomorrow)and watch a little bit of the movie!!! Camdyn and I usually watch it everyday and sing and dance to it!!!!So I grabbed Camdyn's tamborine and had to sing along and dance with the big girls!!!!!
OH MY!!!!! This is my favorite part,some day I'm going to jump into a pool or better yet a lake fully dressed and recreate this scene!!!!!This movie is so full of fun, it is about relationships of all kinds!!! Mother /Daughter/, Girlfriend/Boyfiend/ Girlfriends, and the music just can't be beat!! I loved Abba music in the 70's and it is just so much fun to sing and dance too!!!!I always sing along to Dancing Queen!!! How fitting!!!! And I'm Mama Mimi!!!!!


The Gibbs said...

You guys make me laugh!!!!! Who's taking the picture??

Mimi said...

Oh, Stacie wanted to take the photo, but Chuck said, nope, I'm doing it!!!!!I try to get him to dance with me, I watch Mama Mimi everyday!!! And I have the soundtrack in my car!!! So he is getting pretty sick of it!!!! It's just so good!!!! I bought Camdyn her tamborine so she can sing along!!! She watched the movie in the car on the way to Vegas, had to get our daily fix!!!