Sunday, February 8, 2009

Maui fun!

Maui in January!!! Warm sun and sand between your toes!!!
Jamie--AKA Eric Von Zipper!!!!!Since you are known as ZIPPERS!!!(for those of you to young to remember the movie--Beach Blanket Bingo!!!)I had to go to Wal-mart to get tennis shoes, no white or black ones so I settled on one of my favorite colors PINK!!!
"Only thing we have to FEAR is fear itself", I decided to quit standing on the sideline and JUMP into the fun!!!!Zip-lining is one of the scariest and most fun things I have ever done!!!! Some of the jumps were from platforms as low as 40 feet, and the highest from over 100 feet and going over canyons that if I were to fall, were well over 300 feet!!! But WOW what a VIEW!!!!!!

Coming in for a landing!!!! What you hear when landing is a Very Loud CLAP, or more like a gunshot going off!!!!!

Waterfalls and Beach Sunsets, a few of my favorite things!!!!

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CorieConnelly said...

COOL pics! Wish we could have gone to Maui too! Also So glad you finally got this up and running! Looking forward to all your posts!:)