Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When LOVE made all the difference!!!

This is a gift I bought Chuck for Valentine's Day in 1976!!! I still feel the same!!!
My first Valentine Card from Chuck in 1975!!! He also got tickets to an Andre Crouch concert!!
"The heart remembers all the MOMENTS when love made all the difference"
The start of a beautiful love story, still being written today!!!
My all time favorite Valentine card from Chuck!!!From 1976, a few months before our June wedding!!!It still makes me laugh!!!I love home made cards!!!!
He tried real hard to be poetic!!! I still love it though!!!! We still call each other Gizards!!!!
Frankly speaking from one gizard to another....I think he's one of the nicest G's I've ever met!!!
Cause I haven't met another one!!!!


The Gibbs said...

Love It!!!!! The Gibbs boys are one of a kind!!!!!!

Mimi said...

YES they are!!!!!
So Romantic in a funny kind of way!!!!

Jason and Lisa said...

That is so SWEET (and cool) that you still have those old gifts and cards, and the homemade card is too CUTE! ! Happy Valentines Day!