Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CHIHULY:The Nature of Glass...A Must See!!!

Today we broke our traditional Tuesday routine and instead went to the Desert Botanical Garden. And I must say it is amazing. I just hope my story and photos do it justice. It was a perfect pre-spring Arizona day. This is why us Desert dwellers live here and put up with our very long summers!!! The sky was perfectly blue with puffy cotton ball like clouds and the sun was shining down at a wonderful 72 degrees!!!!
For those of you not aware of the glass display going on right now at the garden, it is a must see.
Dale Chihuly is known for his handblown glass skills. His work has been called "liquid light". His work has been on display at some of the world's finest art museums and gardens. Most notably the Louvre's Musee des Arts in Paris, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. His famous corporate work of course is on display in the ceiling of the Bellagio Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. Who could forget that beautiful display????
This is probably the favorite, it is titled The Sun!!!!
This was one of my favorite's.I think it is one of his most beautiful ones.
A canoe filled with glass balls, of course this was Camdyn's favorite as she thought it was filled with Balloons!!!
Of course Arizona's famous Saguaro cactus surrounded by Red/Orange forms called Fiori or flowers.
Another canoe filled with Purple Fiori's.I think it went well with this tree near by!!!
I do not remember the name of this tree, I think it is a jacaranda, but it smelled amazing and it was so beautiful. If you look close you will see one of the many Large Bumble Bee's on some of the flowers!!!


CorieConnelly said...

SO pretty! Sad I missed this! Looks like somewhere I will have to visit very soon!:)

The Gibbs said...

It is amazing at night.... all the displays are lit up... absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Mimi said...

I know, I want to go back at night!!!
Have you been to it????
You have to make a reservation to even go at night. I'm assuming it's all sold out.
It was packed on a random Tuesday!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you visit the butterfly garden??? It is amazing! This is a great place to bring kidddos to learn to appreciate the beauty of our world. When Camdyn is older, you should take her to some of the preschool classes. They are fantastic and are part of what made me want to homeschool.

Anonymous said...

PS - that tree is a Mountain Laurel (see what my Mom taught me?!) and it smells delicious...like grape koolaid!

Mimi said...

I have since learned the name of that delicious tree from several friends!!!!It indeed did smell like grape Kool-Aid!!!! I want one now!!!!
We did not have time to see the butterflies. I had to get Baby home to eat!!!!I have been to the Butterfly exhibit at Millennium Park in downtown Chicago!! I loved it. We will be going back to the Botanical Garden.I'm going to buy the year long pass!!! It's a great place to visit and it's great exercise!!!