Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beautiful Sunsets and Springing to Life!!

This is the sunset we saw tonight, it is an amazing one again, with all the clouds we have had lately, it makes for the most awesome Sunsets!!! Enjoy one!!!
Our tree out back, this was taken about a week ago, and it had no sign of green on it, today it is covered, although I forgot to get a new photo of it, I was so smitten with the sunset!!!!Notice my Christmas lights are still on it, I think I'm going to leave them on all the time, as it reminds me of Disneyland!!!!
Our beautiful plum tree out front a few weeks ago ....
Today it is covered with little pink flowers that will erupt into new leaves!!!!!Spring is ever so close!!!!It was fun working out in the yard with my wonderful hubby!!!!We do have a lawn guy that comes by weekly, however we both love doing yard work and it was so nice out, we couldn't help ourselves!!!! We trimmed up all our little date palms and some of our plants!!!

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The Gibbs said...

The sunset reminds me of Hawaii.....