Friday, March 6, 2009


It's Barbara Millicent Roberts, AKA--Barbie!!!!
Some fun facts about BARBIE:
1. She debuted in March 1959 as a teenage fashion model.
2. As of today she has had over 80 careers.
3. 2nd only to stamp collecting is the hobby of Doll collecting.
4. She was invented by Ruth Handler and named after her daughter Barbara.
5. Barbie's boyfriend KEN, was the name of Ruth Handler's son.He was introduced in 1961.
6. The Barbie doll has 5 sisters-Skipper, Tutti, Stacie(my personal favorite), Kelly and Krissy.
7. Her first best friend was Midge.
8. In 1980 Barbie became multi-racial, introducing the Black, Hispanic and the international collection.
9. Her annual revenue of sales is $1.2 billion dollars.
10. And last but not least, I had 2 Barbie's growing up, I used a Teddy Bear as a boyfriend for my Barbie and her friend. Here pictured are just a few of Corie and Stacie's Barbie collection. My favorite is the Grandma and Grandpa dolls!!! She's pictured here holding the baby!!!!!I know Camdyn is going to LOVE playing with them. I still have many of the rooms of furniture as well.


CorieConnelly said...

LOVE BARBIES~:) Can't believe how great they all look, guess I was a little OCD as a kid about my toys being perfect!:) LOL

Stacie Gibbs said...

Awesome! I love Barbies and can't wait to play with Camdyn and all the future little girls in the family!!!

The Gibbs said...

I love Barbie too.....I just pulled Rachelle's barbies out for Telsea a couple of weeks ago..... she LOVED them too!!!!!