Friday, March 27, 2009

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying good-bye so hard

Wednesday night heading off to dinner at Arriba's. But we had to wait for Chase to finish his putting practice!!! He has a big golf Tournament when he gets back home. Chase won the Mountain Dew player of the year for his age division in the Indiana Jr. golf Assoc.

Chase and my little chicks!!!
Dinner at Aunt Chilada's before heading to the airport.
It was such a nice day, and then right before time to go to the airport, the wind started blowing!!! They flew in with alot of wind and now they have to fly out with alot of wind!!! Julie hates to fly, and her Dad retired from American Airlines. What a small world though, we walk into Aunt Chilada's and in the lobby waiting to get a table was the State Senator's wife and sons who live in BEDFORD, IN!!!!!They were here for Spring break as well. One other friend of Chase's was here with his Dad for spring training games!!! Wow!! Phoenix is becoming the Spring Break destination!!!
Flashing that winning smile!!!!
We were headed to the mall to help out our slumping economy with some serious shopping. But first we had to do a little sightseeing!!! This is Matt Leinart's house. He lives out here in Gilbert, AZ in the secluded Oakwood Estates. I have the gate code, because Will has some friends, the Tate's who live in Oakwood. The Tate's home puts Matt's house to shame!!!!
Lunch was at In-N-Out Burger. Julie's husband travels alot and he loves In-N-Out , so Julie and Chase wanted to go there. We went to Heart Attack grill the other night, just to get a milk shake and check out the waitress's that dress as nurses however it was closed!!!

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