Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Winter in Zona is Spring, Spring is Summer , Autumn is our Winter and Summer is Hell!!!!

We decided to take a drive on the famous Apache Trail!!!Today was one of those amazingly glorious True Spring Days!!!!!
First stop Tortilla Flat, you may ask, Where the heck is Tortilla Flat??? It is the last remaining stage coach stops along the Apache Trail. It is a beautiful drive along the Superstition Mountains.
It has a population of 6!!!The town consists of a Restaurant, Western Saloon, ice cream shop and a U.S. Post Office. This historic town is like stepping back in time. Our server noticed Julie taking lots of photos so he suggested we use the ladies room and get a few photos in there!!! So we Did!!!

From there we had a reservation for a Canyon Lake Nature tour. It was 1 1/2 hours of just peaceful bliss. The canyon walls are over 900 feet in some spots. We saw 9 bighorn sheep on top of one of the cliffs. This beautiful lake and canyon is nicknamed "Junior Grand Canyon".Your tour is conducted on a Sternwheeler paddleboat so it's just a nice slow paced cruise on Canyon Lake.

The breathtaking flora and fauna of the lower Sonoran Desert.
Our final stop of our sightseeing day was at Goldfield Ghost town. In 1892 when Arizona was just a territory a high grade gold ore was found between Superstition Mountain and Goldfield Mountain.Within a year a town was established and rumors of the official gold find were spreading quickly. Soon thereafter the town consisted of 3 saloons, Boarding house, General Store, blacksmith shop, brewery, butcher shop and a school. For 5 years the town was BOOMING!!!After a while the gold ole diminished and by 1898 the town of Goldfield was a ghost town. But it is now a fun tourist attraction full of stories of the good ole days!!!You can tour the old gold mine, take a train ride through the only narrow gauge railroad track in Arizona. See a street gunfight or have a meal in one of several restaurants or a drink at the saloon!!

You can also tour the Bordello, she is always recruiting new "girls"!!!!!
From the Saloon, to the bordello to the CHURCH!!!!


The Gibbs said...

looks like you are having a great time and enjoying your's to funny how much you and Julie are alike...

Jason and Lisa said...

Looks like you are having lots of fun!You sure are a busy body, I like reading about all of your outings.I will have to go and visit some of these places!

CorieConnelly said...

I agree that you have done lots of fun things. I think Lisa meant a busy "lady".:) A busy body is someone who is like the neighborhood gossip. Just wanted to clarify that one. he he, LOL:)