Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Arizona Department of Tourism kind of Day!!!!!

Chuck, Will and Frank Watson joined Chase today golfing. They went and played at South Mountain Foothills Club West!!!! Chase likes Arizona golf courses alot more today then yesterday.He shot a 75 today!!!! I think it was nerves yesterday, I told him to watch out for Rattlesnakes!!!!
Julie wanted a photo of us in front of my house, well you see the grass and the rocks anyway!!!!
We went and ate lunch at Bolero's at Seville Country Club. The food is so good, it's right in the neighborhood and the view is spectacular!!!!
Mimi and Miss Camdyn!!!!Grand-dude has babysitting duty the rest of the day!!!!
We are going to the Desert Botanical Gardens for the Chihuly Glass display!!!
Seeing it in the daylight is beautiful , but at night it is WOW!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!
So Beautiful!!!

Off to dinner at Rustler's Roost!!! Come slide on in!!!!!!
YOU have probably driven down I-10 at night and looked over and seen that building with the Lights on it that looks like the shape of a Christmas tree. That's Rustler's Roost. How it got it's name......Back before there were fences a few outlaws made a living by rustling cattle in the middle of the night and sold them to local restaurants. The rustlers lived in an old wooden cabin high atop a butte in the foothills of South Mountain. After some time went by the rustlers got tired of running from the law, so they converted their old cabin into a restaurant that the town folk began calling Rustler's Rooste. The legendary steakhouse where you can always get a steak and a brew with a VIEW!!!!!


EricaT said...

Where are you living now? It looks beautiful out there!

Mimi said...

We live in South east Gilbert, in Arizona!!!!!
Will and Corie live in our community as well. When Chuck got transferred way out here, we wanted a beautiful master planned community like Arrowhead.I miss the west side sometimes, I have so many great friends and wonderful memories over there!!!
How are you guys doing???
It looks like you and your family are doing so well. You have a beautiful family.
So good to hear from you
God Bless

CorieConnelly said...

So sad I missed out on Chihuly again! Looks like you had a blast! I apparently am too old to work during the day and run all night!:) You girls are funny!