Monday, March 23, 2009

"Is everything in Arizona western themed???"

Chase had an early tee-time at Longbow Golf Course in Red Mountain Ranch area. He thought it was very different and not green and full of trees like back home in Indiana!!! Funny if you leave off the a at the end of Indiana, you get Indian, and he golfed at LONGBOW!!!!!!
Off to Saddle Ranch for lunch, hmmmm where's the saddle?????The cotton candy sure is good and what a delicious way to finish off lunch, especially the part with sweet potato fries!!!
Julie says by the time she leaves, Camdyn will love her the best!!!!She's her new best friend!!!
Outside of Saddleback Ranch and our server Savannah followed us outside and wanted to go shopping with us!!!!
Camdyn and her new bouquet of WILSON friends!!!!! Remember she (and I call them Wilson, from the movie Castaway)loves them!!!!
Riding the Rhino out to our all time favorite place San Tan Flats!!!! It was freezing!!!!! And we had to drive it home in the dark and it was even colder!!!!Julie said, I thought we were in Arizona!!!!
Again the western theme!!!!

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