Sunday, March 15, 2009


We went to the Chandler Ostrich Festival!!!!
Time for the Ostrich Race!!!!!Yes, they ride on them and race!!
WOW!!!! Ostrich in Gate 1, gets a very fast start!!!!And he won!!!!
I thought the most interesting fact, was that an ostrich egg is equivalent to 2 DOZEN chicken eggs!!!
Sitting in the grass, enjoying our wonderful lunch(hotdogs???) and listening to the band play all Beatles music!!
Camdyn going crazy over all the kids she sees!!!
Our favorite smile!!!!!
They had motorcycle riders performing tricks, until one got hurt and crashed into the fence and I guess the Police had warned them if that were to happen their show would end. So it was over!!!
Will wants to run off and join the Motorcycle stunt show!!!!Only professional riders should attempt these tricks!!!


CorieConnelly said...

We did have a great day today! We will have to go back! Hopefully Will doesn't run out and try any of those stunts!:)

The Gibbs said...

wasn't it a gorgeous day out..... this time of the year is why we still live here.....You all looked like you had a great time.... I posted on the other blog... thought I better post it here also.... we are going to the Renaissance Festival this weekend if you guys want to meet up with us?? It should be lots of fun!!!!